Election Day 2017

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Today is a very important day throughout the country. There are very important state and local races taking place across the nation in New Jersey, Virginia, New York City, North Carolina cities (Charlotte, Greensboro, and Raleigh), and Atlanta Mayor and some special races in Georgia. Two of the most important races taking place today are gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey.

In Virginia, gubernatorial candidates Ed Gillepsie(R) and Ralph Northam(D) are the two contenders to succeed current Virginia governor, Terry McAuliffe. Mr. Gillepsie is the former chairman of the Republican Party, and Mr. Northam is a physician and the current Lt. Governor in Virginia. This is expected to be a close race, as polling shows that Mr. Northam has a slight lead ahead of Mr. Gillepsie. President Trump has tweeted in support of Mr. Gillepsie and has shown his support, while encouraging his base to do the same. There are 100 House of Delegate seats that will be filled today in VA, and the Attorney General’s race is occurring.

In New Jersey, the current Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno(R) and Mr. Philip Murphy(D) are both vying to become the next governor of New Jersey. One of the two will succeed, Gov. Chris Christie. Mr. Murphy is a former Goldman Sachs employee, and former Ambassador to Germany. Early polling showed Mr. Murphy with a lead over Ms. Guardagno; however it is still anyone’s race until the results are in completely.

In Atlanta, Charlotte, and New York City, there are city mayoral and city council races taking place today.

Personally, I am thrilled at all of the women who are on the ballot. In Virginia, there are 17 women running for state office in the Virginia legislature. In New Jersey, there are 11 women running for state office in the New Jersey state legislature. I am rooting for many of these women, not just because they are women. But, I am rooting for them, because their voices and representation is needed in local and state government. State and local legislatures must begin to reflect the diversity and differences among us all.

Jennifer Carroll Foy is an advocate, attorney, and mother who I am rooting for today, as she seeks to represent District 2 in the Virginia House of Delegates. I am invested in her, because she understands perseverance and she is qualified to effectively serve based upon her education, work as a public defender, and caregiver for her family. Her voice and experience is needed in Richmond. I hope that she and other women will be successful in their races.

Other amazing women running include: Vi Lyles who is running to become the next mayor of Charlotte, and Nikema Williams is running to become Senator in Georgia’s 39th District.

Today’s elections are extremely significant, because these races will help Democrats and Republicans gauge the political climate among voters since Trump’s win last November. Elections being held today will help both parties identify key issues and areas to focus on as we prepare to focus on 2018 Midterm Elections.

So, if you’re in New York City, Charlotte, Atlanta, Virginia or New Jersey—- GO VOTE and also ensure that you do your research to cast your ballot for the best candidates to represent you. Your elected officials are an extension of you and your voice. Be invested!

Happy Voting!



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