Why Blog?


Law, Politics, and Change (also known as the “LPC” blog) was birthed out of my desire to educate, empower, and enlighten others about key issues within the world around us. The blog was birthed also out of my passion for politics, law, and the intersectionality of the two realms.

As an attorney, I’m often asked by legal practitioners and non-practicioners, “what type of law do you practice?” I say “political law,” and I am often met with stares, glares, or puzzled faces. Alternatively, I am also met with assumptions about political law. However, political law is interesting and intriguing and will be explored in this space.

LPC is a blog for lawyers, non-lawyers, innovators, entrepreneurs, elected officials, candidates, legislative staff, campaign staff, labor unions, public and private sector employees,corporations, organizations, and every day people interested in learning more about politics, law, and business.

LPC is a learning and growing space. So, I encourage and appreciate substantive conversations and stimulating dialogue. Please feel free to leave comments, ask questions, and let me know about topics that may be of interest to you or your organization that you would like explored or discussed.

Happy Reading,

Nia K. Duggins



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